Sunday, February 10, 2013

After a long week~

It has been a terribly long week! It all started last Sat when I started feeling ill, again, after being sick for the first three weeks in Jan. I was not able to make it into church to work with the children's ministry and sat in bed all day watching Anne of Green Gables and sleeping. My funk carried over into the week and after having my fitness assessment on Tues, because I am joining a gym, I was ready to cut my arms and legs off. As I started to walk comfortably, I had another appointment with the podiatrist as I have a spot on my foot that I had to have treated a month ago. This was a follow up and low and behold, I get to have another treatment and guess what, I have a spot on my other foot that gets a treatment too! Fantastic!!!
Saturday morning comes and I feel horrible!! Stuffing Motrin and cold meds down my sore throat and more bed time. I even had to email my instructor to say my work would be late on Friday. My brain felt like it was going to explode and to beat all, I couldn't walk. Needless to say I said a big prayer last night as I had to accept that I would not make it to church today. I actually woke up with great relief and gave praise to God for feeling better! Unfortunately, my relief was only temporary. I spent the rest of the day milking my foot wounds and coughing my head off while my brain felt like it was coming out of my ears.
It is now evening and I have managed to clean a little, finish my school work and make dinner. I must say that I feel much better and only pray that I keep feeling better as I meet with my trainer This week to get started. I need to at least try to begin working out tomm by giving the treadmill a whirl-- let's hope!

I'm delving into some therapeutic grade essentials oils to support my goal of becoming more natural for our health. I have researched and used natural approaches in the past, but I see now more than ever that we need to stick with these approaches. I can't wait to start feeling better, body and mind!

Till next time,

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