Friday, March 22, 2013

Here I go again,

As usual, I am lacking in my posts, but for good reason. The first is that this year has already flown by and I just finished my Bachelor's degree! Yea for me, now on to my Master's. Secondly, we have been making minor plans for our upcoming move later this year. God has recently blessed us with a potential property that is waiting on us if we can sell our home in time. Not to mention, He has brought someone into our lives that thinks she can take care of that problem for us. If it all falls into place then the children and I will move ahead of dad and prepare the way for his arrival. If not then we will be here until the home sells. In the mean time, I am continuing to plan for our upcoming homeschool year. Yes, I am homeschooling everyone once we move. To many reasons as to why, but know that it is the best for everyone, including myself. I have been gathering intel, so to speak, and have several blogs that will be supporting our efforts to homeschool. I plan on cleaning up my blog full of buttons to represent my absolute favs. I am excited about our new adventures and plan to visit back here weekly to track our progress. Until then,

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