About Us

This is our new journey through dietary changes, occupational therapy and overcoming learning disabilities. We are a military family trying to better our futures and each other. I am a full time student working on my BA in Early Childhood Education with a Minor in Child Development. I will then continue on to my MA in Special Education. I have a child with special needs who has Sensory Processing Disorder. We are currently under the care of a DAN Dr. for environmental contaminants in our bodies that alter our health and behavior. We are proud members of the Feingold Association and are fans of the Weston A Price foundation and GAPS diet.
I own my own business as a certified Christian Life Coach so that I can help others through their difficult times in life.
We are taking the journey of going GF and CF to better our bodies and minds.We all suffer from food issues and although we do not understand how these problems started as we had made the decision a long time ago to stay away from artificials, it is just not enough. Contaminants are in everything that we come in contact with and it is absolutely impossible to stay away from it all, maybe one day our world will be safe again. Until then, this is our journey.