Sunday, January 13, 2013

A sense of relief~

As time goes by, we continue to wonder what our future will hold, where will we go and will we be together as a family? We still do not know that answers to these questions; however, we do have a bit of insight. We are hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. We have been settled as a family for almost four years now. This is the longest that we have ever been together, in one place, as a family. It has been challenging to say the least, it is difficult to explain to people how military families manage to go through separations and the answer is that you just get used to it, so much so, that it is easier to be separated than living together for long periods of time. This may sound harsh, but the majority will agree with me. Being an Army wife means that you have to learn to do everything on your own, without the help of family. One gets in that mindset and it them becomes difficult to let it go and depend on others again. An Army wife learns where her place is and where her husbands his and this requires two separate means of living. I take care of the home and it them becomes mine, it is arranged in a manner that best fits the kids and I, routines are in place that best suits the kids and I and so on. When hubby is home, unfortunately, it disrupts those routines and becomes difficult for everyone. It is a process that military families go through quit frequently and we adjust to it just like everything else in our lives. So now we are adjusting to the notion that what has been our routine for many years now might be changing in the near future. There is sadness and joy at the same time. Sadness at the thought of leaving what we have become comfortable with, friends, resources, our home to joy of starting anew! A new home, new friends, and a new beginning!This also brings a sense of relief to know that we will not have to wait much longer to know our fate. Only the future holds the truth and we will prepare for it the best that we can. All I know, is that it is in God's hands and I am OK with that! Til next time,


  1. What a beautiful outlook on life. My own husband travels out of state weekly for work - nothing like what you've experienced - that I know full well. But what I do understand and have empathy for is needing to be the one "in charge" when he's gone and learning to back away from that role when he's home. Even when it means that he's not doing things "my way". ;-) Praying for your family's changes.

  2. You are so kind! Since we last chatted about "food" it has been crazy! Still battling with behavior, but hoping for good changes to come! I pray that you are all well!