Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another day...

Well things went well yesterday for our first day of homeschooling. Dad came home early which was nice because he could help too. I also found out yesterday that Courtney qualifies for virtual homeschool which is where she participates in a virtual classroom on the computer. She recieves all of her texts and supplies in the mail and does school from home just as if she were in a classroom. The only difference is that we do it at our pace and without all the illness or possibility to miss school and it is portable so when we travel we don't have to plan so much around school.
We are excited about it. Not many states provide it and it is free! How about that, I don't pay a dime and they send me everything that we need to do school from home inlcuding the lesson plans and support.

Check it out if you want: www.connectionsacademy.com

talk soon!

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