Monday, October 5, 2009

Things are slowing down,

Well I think things are finally starting to slow down. The house is ALMOST in order. I have started homeschooling the children. Courtney needs some one on one guidance that she is not able to get in a public setting along with the fact that the swine flu is boomin here. Michael has to take 10% of his class daily and check thier temperatures! Talk about problems!
Bubba on the other hand is seriously overstimulated when he gets home from school to the point that he is out of control most days. The teacher even mentioned to me at the open house when we first got here that this may not be the place for him if he has sensory concerns that produce overstimulation. So we are working at home and his neighbor is his best bud and they play daily. They are the same age so it works out perfect for socialization concerns.

So I no longer have to run from place to place and gather the children. Michael was only attending school 2hrs in the morning so by the time I got back and put a load of laundry in it would be time to go get him.

Any who, I am selling Pampered Chef if anyone is interested in doing a catalog show! It's the time of the year for Christmas shopping and we just released the new fall line! Let me know if you're interested.

Talk soon!

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