Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Long time, no see!

It has been months since I last posted! Life has been quite a journey over the last 8 months. I graduated with my BA in Early Childhood Education, started homeschooling my son, sold our home after months under contract, moved back to my home town and finally, we have arrived at our new location and now I am finishing up my Masters in Special Education. Wow! Can I say wow? I think that I can!
Not only have I had a physical journey, but I have stared a spiritual journey too! I learned last summer that I was an Empath. After all these years I thought that I was loosing my mind and felt like I was always caught up in a whirlwind of emotions all of the time. I instantly starting to see the world completely different and having memories from my childhood surface that I hadn't thought of in a long time. Wow, talk about a roller coaster! I have only begun that journey and I have a lifetime to learn about who I am and what my purpose on Earth is. This is a very personal journey that I will not share much of, but I am putting this out there for anyone that is on this same journey or is just discovering who they are.
Maybe time will allow me to share more about my journey instead of the every 6 month check in. Only time will tell!!

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