Monday, December 15, 2008


I forgot to mention my exciting day today. Addi has figured out how to climb up in chairs, so you cannot leave your chair out or she will climb up in it and be standing before you know it. Well I didn't realize that she figure out how to pull the chair out to get in it, she does and Michael started screaming, "Addi on table, Addi on table!" So I look and low and behold, she is sitting ON my table, crisscross applesauce playing with the junk that was piled up there. I would have loved to have taken a pic but I was on the phone with my honey, long distance..what is a mother to do? The chairs are now stacked up in a corner. We can no longer leave the chairs at the table- we have to pull them down every time we want to sit and eat at the table, one more thing on my list to do EVERYDAY!

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