Saturday, December 6, 2008

A break at last!

Yesterday was absolutely wonderful! I recieved a very nice nights rest with my new sleep magic, the baby did to, so I woke up actually ready to get up! Imagine that, waking up in the morning and not feeling like I just went to bed. Anyway, we were a little pokey getting out the door from the hypnotic state I was in trying to cherish how I felt.
Courtney had a field trip with school to the Tivoli to see the Singing Christmas Tree. Wished I could have gone! While she was having fun at the theater I was at home reading my Bible. I never get to do anything like that, it felt wonderful. I was so at peace and blissfully happy! I wanted to read it all day, but duty calls when you have a 3yr old and a 1yr old running through the house.
Nap time for the baby and off to do some house work. Laundry is almost caught up and I was able to mop my floors for the week.
I had a ruff draft to write by bedtime, but wasn't stressing it at all, I just wanted to stay in my moment of bliss. My son and I enjoyed a nice lunch of grilled cheese sandwhiches and cartoons. I had some soup with mine. Nap time was soon over and boy did we have fun playing! Miss Addi loved my Minestrone soup that I had for lunch. I had never had it before and it sure was good! Have to get more of that, Addi thought so too!
It was soon time to pick up Court from school and of to Grandmother's house we go. Court is staying the night there and I was able to have Bubba go to his Uncle's house for the night.
It's just the baby and I, what in the world is a mother of 3 to do in a time like this- bathtime of course!
Then off to get ready for bed and play a little longer. Once that was over, I got to write my paper in between commercials of the Dog Whisper. Veda and I have to have some mommy- doggy time too! 2hrs later my ruff draft is done which is a feat in itself considering that I have not had any inspiration for school all week! But I had faith from above that it would all come to me and indeed it did. Thank you Lord!

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  1. i'm so glad you got some sleep. i did too last night! isnt it wonderful! glad you had such a good day and got some school work done. thanks for calling me this morning :)