Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have come to finally realize that life doesn't slow down, no matter how hard I try to make it. What I have realizes is that each day should hold something special. I must focus my energies on purposeful things instead of things that are not going to mater weeks, months, or years down the road. There are many things that iw wish to accomplish I'm my years and I can only hope to make that happen, but right now I need peace in my life. I must figure out how to make that happen.
If that means compromising more with my children's and allowing them the freedom they need to discover more things in life then so be it. I'd it means going without doing laundry for a day or so so that I can focus my energy somewhere else more important then so be it.
Life is about choices and I must learn to make the correct ones in order to have the peace and happiness that I so desperately seek.

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