Thursday, May 5, 2011

Where has the week gone!

This week was busy and short, but there were some big accomplishments along the way! Yesterday, Bubba allowed me to drop him and Courtney off up front and he willingly got out of the van and walked up the entryway into school with Courtney! This is HUGE! We have been slowly transitioning him into going to class by himself since day one of school. We started with trying to get any teacher at the front of school to take him once I got him to the door, then I was able to get a pass to take him to class, then we had the special needs secretary wait for him every morning and she would take him from me and walk him to class. She started to back off each time to encourage him to go by himself. We would start coming him around the same time that some of his guy friends were coming in and he would walk with them and Mrs. Amy, then he starting walking with them by himself once he got to the door just a few weeks ago, and now he is allowing me to drop him off! I am happy and sad at the same time, happy that my baby is growing up and feeling a part of his world, but sad at the same time that he IS growing up.
We got him a basketball goal yesterday, dad finished putting it together today and we had a good game of bball! I forsee lots of family games around the basketball goal!
Tomorrow is Friday and I am happy, happy, happy!

My husband decided that he was going to pick me up a steak dinner for an early Mom's day present, we had a nice discussion while he watched me eat, awkward, but nice! Thank you baby!!

Till next time!

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