Friday, April 22, 2011

Yucky Day for Good Friday

I woke up to thunder and pouring down rain this morning, a mom's dream when she has nothing to do for the day, but there was also a screaming child in my face and one sleeping at my feet. So much for a morning of bliss....
It is Good Friday, I wonder if this was the sadness that a rain storm brings comes anywhere close to what we could have imagined that the pain of Jesus was like on this day in history? We forget too often what this day was about, to most it is a holiday that allows for a day off of work. I am an inexperienced Christian, but I know enough to realized the torment that Jesus went through for us. I cannot even stand to look at the previews for The Passion of the Christ for it sickens me to death.
That you Jesus for, your pain and suffering, so that we can know you and God and be given your Grace!

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