Monday, March 28, 2011

Our newest member

Well, it has been a little more than a week since we brought our newest member of the family home. A 10 week old Maltese puppy named Prince Dublin Rich. Bubba has taken to him quit well, which is good because he hasn't taken to any of the animals. I have decided to teach Dublin commands in sign and also train him as a therapy dog. I cannot do any certified training until he is a year, so we have time to get ready.
I will post a picture soon!

Well, the results of Addi's testing has come back. We will be seeing the Dr. on Wed to find out what is going on with her little body.

I have been sick with allergies for two weeks now, so glad that the rain has come and washed away all of the pollen. I have the worst dry cough that is so annoying.

We now have therapy 4 times a week now between all of the children so I am staying quit busy.
Also, got my Kindle in the mail today, totally excited about that. I can download my school texts to it and take it with me where ever I go...awesome.

I think that is it for now!~

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