Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Michael's new address

SSG Michael Henry
B CO 1-35 TF 4-27FA
APO, AE 09322
His needs are still the same and he is completely dependant on mail so please help out by sending him goodies every now and then.

Here is a list of what he will need or want:
Tuna kits
Powdered Koolaid-Fruit punch and Grape-the individual packets like Crystal Lite
Pringles-Sour cream and Bar b que
Folgers instant coffee
Sugar packets-Dominoes packets as Walmart- NO sugar substitue please.
Baby wipes
Razors-twin blades with no soap strips please
Degree or Axe Deoderant-powder only please
Powdered Laundry Det-Individual packets at Walmart in Travel section
Little Debbies -Swiss roll, Oatmeal cream, Fudge rounds (please do not put them with the gum or soap because they pick up the taste-put gum or soap in a zip lock bag)
Batteries-AA, AAA
Orbitz or Extra Gum-any flavor
Peanut Butter M&Ms
Irish spring-Barsoap only please!
A lightweight sunscreen with NO fragrance-Walmart travel section
Lip Balm in a tube-medicated and or extra sunscreen
Cookies-they have the resealable packs of Mini Oreos and Choc. Chip by Nabisco at Walmart.

Any thing else that you might want to send him, just please remember no bulky items only things that he can use.

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