Thursday, July 3, 2008

My long month~

Wow has it been a long month! We have been trying to get this house ready for us to move in and for 3 weeks we have been working none stop to dump garbage, paint, rip out carpet and all kinds of good stuff. We are actually living in the house now, we moved in this past weekend and are still moving stuff. I had one of those mornings today of complete duhhhhhhhh. I was making my coffee and in the cabinet where I keep the coffee, I also keep the can of Ovaltine. Well I reached for a can but it wasn't the coffee, instead I put a big ol scoop of Ovaltine in the coffee filter. Thankfully enough, I caught it and put it back in the can. Still had a little chocolate powder in the filter so I have chocolate flavored coffee this morning.
A couple of weeks ago, I put Addi in her high chair at the apt and ran upstairs to get something real quick and when I came back down, I couldn't remember where I left her! For about 30 seconds I was totally freaked, but then I remembered that she was safely in the kitchen, in her chair.

This is almost everyday things for me now! Lord help me!

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