Monday, May 12, 2008

Well Addison finally sits up on her own. She falls over every once in a while, but does well on her own as of May 10, 2008. She is now in her big girl carseat and got her first lesson today on how to sleep on the go with all the interuptions of getting in and out of the car. She didn't like being woke up all the time, but soon figured out how to sleep through it all. She must be getting ready to cut her top teeth because she was up wanting to play this morning from about 3-4. Yeah for me!

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  1. big carseat already? is it still rear facing? cj was 1 when we put him in a big carseat. but i know they have those kewl new car seats that are rear facing and still sit them up. so i had to ask. ;)