Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mom's an Army now!

Mom's an Army now!
-When Dad's away Mom's the Commanding Officer.
-When Dad's at home, Mom's the Executive Officer, coordinating and executing actions for the Command Team.
-Keeping track of the kids, she's the S-1.
-Collecting neighborhood news and relaying it to Dad she's the S-2.
-Making plans for the family and training the kids, she's the S-3.
-Stocking food and supplies for the family, she's the S-4.
-She answers all the family correspondence and makes appointments for Dad, so that makes her the Adjutant.
-Worrying about the family budget makes her the Comptroller.
-Paying the bills and accounting to Dad for the paychecks makes her the Finance and
Accounting Officer.
-Looking for a new place to live when we move, she's the Billeting Officer.
-Assigning us chores to do, getting us fed, bathed and put to bed; she is our First
-Serving food and doing dishes, she's on KP.
-Carrying small children, she's an ammunition handler.
-Driving the family to all our appointments, she's a duty driver.
-Cleaning the house and making beds, she's an orderly.
-Looking like a queen when she goes out with Dad, she's a soldier's lady.
-Doing all things well all the time, she's a true "Big Gunner!"

Gosh, Mom's a whole darned Army!

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