Sunday, January 27, 2008

Where to start!

Last weekend I got a new laptop so Ive been moving everything over from my old one which Michael is going to get. Ive been so involved with that, that I havent paid much attention to anything else. Then my favorite actor passed away this week which was up setting.

But on a good note, Addison started "talking" Thursday the 24th. She was on the web cam with her daddy when she decided to do it. So at least he got to hear her.

We are trying to potty train Michael. So far no luck. If I could just get him to go potty one time so he can see what Im talking about, then I think that we would be good! Close but no cookie!

Hopefully I can get everything over to my new computer soon. I hate not having everything at my fingertips- no pun intended!

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